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Plantfed Mana (Mana: Inner/Spiritual Power) was founded in 2018 by Master Herbalist, Plant-based Nutritionist and Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner, Candy Marx, after realising that most supplements contained fillers, preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, binders, and many ingredients that are not required, by law, to be listed on the ingredients list. Also, many products contain herbs that are dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children. Wanting to bring clean wholefood plant-based supplements to the market, Plantfed Mana was born.


Vegan, woman owned and operated, we use only organic and ethically-wildcrafted herbs, and we pride ourselves in not using any fillers, additives or preservatives. Our herbal blends are 100% herbs only - the way supplements should be! 

We also use the cleanest capsules on the market! Check out our FAQs here.

All of our herbal blends and capsules are hand-made by our Herbalist, and spiritually infused.

We're also proud to use 100% compostable/recyclable cardboard mailer boxes, and we pride ourselves in not using any plastic in our deliveries. We also use kraft labels and hemp string to eliminate sticky tape.

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