Where are your products made?

All of our herbal powders and capsules are hand-made in our studio, in Sydney, Australia. We source our herbs from Australian, American, and Canadian suppliers. Our magnesium flakes come from the Dead Sea, Israel. We do not outsource to manufacturers.

Are your products organic?


All of our herbs are either organic or wildcrafted. They are also tested for contaminants and heavy metals etc. Our medicinal mushrooms are sterilized with heat rather than radiation (gamma irradiation) - sterilization is a legal requirement. No additives, fillers or preservatives are ever used, our products are 100% herbs only. Our capsules are vegan and made from pullulan, which is a natural substance created by fermenting tapioca. This natural process creates the cleanest capsules on the market. Other vegan capsules (veggie capsules) are made using wood via a chemical process (HPMC capsules aka veggies capsules - you could say is closer to plastic than a vegetable). Pullulan also has a far superior oxygen barrier (8x stronger than gelatin and 300x stronger than HPMC), keeping our herbs fresher for longer. Pullulan is also far easier to digest.

Do you recommend capsules or powders?


We recommend powders over capsules. In every herbal tradition, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Western herbalism etc, the taste and smell of food is extremely important. We are meant to smell and taste our food, to smell and taste our nutrition - our sense of taste and smell are needed when eating or taking herbs. The simple act of smelling our food is the start of the digestive process and also helps trigger the holistic healing components of herbs. When you taste Blue Vervain, for example, its calming effects are immediately felt. A Blue Vervain capsule does not have the same effect. The simple fact is that our nervous systems run off this "electricity" that our senses are creating. We are electric beings, and not smelling or tasting our herbs does have its shortfalls. While we do use the best and cleanest capsules on the market, we recommend powders and tasting/smelling herbs and food. We do understand the convenience of capsules - we initially launched as herbal powders only, but after many requests, we added capsules for our customers.

Can I take the herbs all at once?

It is best to leave a 20 - 30 min space between herbs, and take with or before food/smoothie.

How long will it take to receive my order?

As we make your powder/capsules fresh, it will take 2 - 3 business days to ship your order. Shipping times depend on where you live and what shipping method you choose. If you are an international customer, we suggest using DHL if you require your order urgently. DHL shipping is approximately 6 business days, where as, standard post can take up to 2 - 4 weeks. See shipping and returns details here.

Why are some product reviews verified and others aren't?

When we changed from plantfedmama.com to plantfedmana.com, we lost all of our product reviews. The only way to salvage some of them (we lost most of our reviews), was to download the reviews as a .CSV file and then upload them to our new site. These reviews are not verified. Also, some of our customers leave reviews directly on our site, rather than via the product review request that we send out after they order. We are now putting more focus on reviews via the product review request email, and ask our wonderful customers to please use this method if you choose to leave a review for us x