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RECIPE: Sprouted Lentil & Mushroom Miso Ramen

Soup rocks in Winter! And what's best about this miso is that it's nutritionally balanced, it's good for the gut, and helps boost the immune system too! Absolutely perfect for Winter!

Miso paste can be hit and miss. I prefer white miso, just make sure that it's vegan and doesn't have katsuobushi dashi added to it. Katsuobushi dashi contains fish. I prefer buckwheat ramen over wheat ramen because it's one of the only grains/pseudograins that contains phytase - phytase is the enzyme that is missing from our gut. We need phytase to help breakdown phytic acid, which is present in grains, seeds and nuts. It's also gluten-free, and contains good levels of all of the amino acids. Zoodles also go great with this dish!


2 cloves garlic

2 tbsp grated ginger

2 tbsp white miso paste

Approx 1 - 1.5lt of filtered water

Pinch of pink Himalayan salt OR a dash of tamari sauce

Preferred oil to cook with

Buckwheat ramen noodles OR zoodles

1 - 2 cups sprouted lentils

Toppings like sauteed bok choy, carrots and zucchini, shiitake & enoki mushrooms, shallots and chilli, and hemp seeds.


To a hot saucepan, add oil, garlic, ginger and miso paste. Heat and then add water and salt/tamari. Bring to the boil and simmer.

Prepare the noodles. Cook the noodles according to instructions, or use zucchinis to make zoodles.

You can add raw sprouted lentils, or quickly blanched in salted water.

While the miso is simmering, slice the bok choy in half, lengthways, and saute in a pan, along with the other preferred veggies, and mushrooms. There is no need to cook the enoki - the enoki will cook in the miso once served.

When the miso is ready, you can opt to blend the soup using a stick blender. This will help combine the ginger into the soup. Otherwise, leave as is and serve leaving the ginger in the pan. The ginger's affects will still be in the soup as it has steeped in the soup.

To plate, add noodles to a deep bowl. Pour miso over the top and cover. Add lentils, veggies, then top with mushrooms, chilli flakes, shallots and hemp seeds.

Enjoy! 💙💜💚💛


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