Our ethos is ethical plant-based wholefoods and whole herbs. Why? Because wholefoods are completely bioavailable. Standard supplements are either synthetic or concentrated-part-foods. This means that a component is pulled away from its wholefood form. Then that component is added to a supplement in concentrated doses. This is not what nature intended. These concentrated-part-foods are tougher on the digestive system and the nutrients are harder to absorb. Which is often why manufacturers recommend higher doses because bioavailability is low and only some of the nutrients are absorbed. Wholefoods also come with an array of other nutrients that 'work together,' not just a single concentrated form! These other nutrients also work to protect the body from overdosing on any one nutrient.

Our bodies need nutrients from plants. For example, standard iron supplements use iron oxide which comes from rocks. This form of iron is notorious for upsetting the digestive system. Moreover, this type of iron is also used in MRI imaging and used to cut steel. In nature, this iron is absorbed by plants, and in turn, forms in plants as iron fluorine. This is the iron that our bodies need.

All of our products are organic and wildcrafted, andPlease allow 2-3 business days for orders to be shipped. Due to the covid situation, standard logistics companies are experiencing delays, especially international shipments. If your order is urgent, please select DHL shipping.

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